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Message of S.S.P

Dear Dehradun citizens,

 Capital of Uttarakhand state located in the Doon Valley of Shivalik foothills, Dehradun is the main hub of education and tourism located 230 km away from the capital of country. This city has a glorious mythological history. In this beautiful city, so many eminent academic/educational/research centers are located. Owing to its natural splendor and so many temples, the city of Dehradun attracts tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. Dehradun has been the center of  military cantonment and a hub of educational institutions. This military city, full of pleasant life experiences and basic necessities, has been the main choice of people to settle.

                                With the unprecedented expansion of the city since the formation of Uttarakhand state, the population and number of vehicles have increased unprecedently. Today the city of Dehradun has about 10 lakh registered vehicles, as well as vehicles from other states, which has direct impact on the city's traffic system. Important factors such as dense population, relatively low width of roads, lack of facilities like foot over bridge and underpass for pedestrians, lack of adequate parking spaces as well as lack of practical understanding of road safety among road users, maintaining smooth traffic is becoming a huge challenge for Doon Traffic Police. Doon Police has been conducting awareness programmes in various school and colleges of the city from time to time to provide information about road safety and traffic rules and also posting important suggestions and traffic updates through social media. 49 black spots and 58 accident prone areas have been identified in district Dehradun today, which need action by various other departments for its rectification.  The primary function of the police is to implement the enforcement proceedings which the police is discharging with sincerity.

                                In the present scenario,in view of inadequate infrastructure, a concrete well planned traffic plan and transport system is very much needed for the city of Dehradun. In the given circumstances, it is not an easy task to meet the sensitive challenges of the traffic system. Despite this, Doon Traffic Police is committed to facilitate and streamline the traffic system of Dehradun city. With this determination, the Dehradun Traffic Police is efficiently using the available  resources and limited manpower to operate the city’s traffic system with full capacity and is performing its duty with expectation of favorable results even in adverse times. With these expectations in mind, one of our efforts is to create this new website to make the Traffic Police technically competent and to communicate effectively with the public. I hope that this initiative will provide a good platform for the public to make online use of our services.

Best Wishes,
Ajai Singh (IPS)
Senior Superintendent of Police